Can you gain an edge with a local domain name?

Why use a local domain name? Because local domain names get your company in the local search result listings. And local search is very powerful.

People use Google, Bing, and Yahoo constantly to search for information on businesses near them. Most searches are done for that very reason.

Businesses succeed and grow in the marketplace by grabbing every small small edge over their competitors they can find. They want to get that consumer to pay attention to them instead of their competition.

When someone searches for a product or a service, a local business that provides that product or service wants to get into the path of that consumer. Luckily for us, we can turn this search traffic to our advantage.

Local domain names can do this very thing. They serve as a conduit to capture consumer search traffic and then direct it back to their main website.

That’s the beauty of a local domain name.

This is the power of local search. Using multiple websites or simple domain names, a local business can capture the majority of new customer search traffic before their competition does.

Fortunately ranking high up in the search engine response pages is fairly easy for a local based domain name or website. How can this be?

Well, the keywords that apply are very specific, since there are a limited number of competitors in each town or city. Also, the amount of people searching for those local keywords is much smaller.

These are the two biggest reasons why businesses are able to dominate their local search market.

Building and owning multiple descriptive local domains is a smart addition to an online strategy. It can help any business funnel search traffic to their website before it gets to their competitors.

Wise business owners also use multiple domain names to track newspaper, radio or TV campaign ad spend.

Every company starts with one main website. In order to grow and capture the majority of a local market traffic, additional simple websites and domain names are recommended.

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